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02.11.2018 (1115 Days Ago)

stainless steel

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2017 stainless steel pipe manufacturers good "bright" Steel City!
2017 stainless steel pipe manufacturers good "bright" Steel City!
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2017 stainless steel pipe manufacturers good "bright" Steel City!Xinghua City, Hong Kong Stainless Steel Products Factory Steel prices are even more after the market-oriented steel industry, the prices of various varieties continue to hit new highs, billet up to 1,460 yuan / ton in cash tax, the domestic steel, profiles, thread, Varieties such as hot rolls and plates also hit record highs this year. The domestic steel prices increased all the way from 2014 to 2015. The main reason for the downward price is still affected by overcapacity. The deepening contradiction between the supply and demand in the steel market forced prices to keep falling.[url=http://stainlesscoilstock.com/sheet-stock/8283.html]wholesale price prime quality stainless steel 304 flat bar[/url]In 2016, the steel market stepped out of the boom - slump - uptrend - weak downward trend. Since the beginning of 2016, the steel mills have stopped production significantly. The market is generally affected by the previous pessimistic sentiment. However, with the arrival of the spot demand season, short-term mismatch between supply and demand and spot prices skyrocketed, reaching a stage high in late April , Some varieties rose even more than 60%. Subsequently, under the background of the steel mills' substantial resumption of production and the reversal of supply and demand, the price of steel dropped sharply with a monthly decrease of nearly one thousand yuan.[url=http://steelcoilsales.com/on-sale/12114.html]Bobina y serpentín de acero inoxidable 201 con enrollado de superficie BA[/url]After the end of May, the long and short sides fell into a stalemate with steel showing a trend of turmoil. By the end of June, the price of steel started to rebound continuously, and the demand in traditional off-season was good. At the same time, the supply side declined under the influence of environmental supervision, G20 summit and limited production of Tangshan to promote the continuous rise of steel prices. In September, due to the out-of-date demand, the steel price slightly weakened. In the month of October, steel prices rose rapidly under the influence of the improvement of demand and the soaring of bingo. Since November, the price of steel has been up again after a slight correction.[url=http://steelsheetsales.com/steel-sheet/13191.html]Polished Finish Food Grade Stainless Steel Sheet 304 316L[/url]Towards the end of the year, there was a clear correction in the steel prices in the context of improvement in the haze and haze, as well as the lifting of production orders by steel manufacturers and the arrival of off-season overlays. However, throughout the year, steel prices still showed a sharp rise over last year. In January 2017, based on the re-fermenting of IF furnace remediation events and good expectations after the holiday, the market price has risen immensely. Steel prices are climbing steadily and at higher levels, giving manufacturers, end users and even raw material suppliers confidence in the New Year steel market. For 2017, what is the steel price? Except for the hope of a good shift in market sentiment under the peak season of demand, the stimulus of steel production capacity will be the key positive stimulus for the market. From the current steel market supply and demand status, the market stock market, if the latter can be a good digestion, the steel market supply and demand status or continue the good form of 2016. Overall, steel prices are still expected to have a good upside basis in 2017, with full-year price uptrend underlying.[url=http://stainlesssheetprice.com/products-list/7105.html]china supplier hot rolled 2b finished steel plate gauge[/url]

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