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09.06.2016 (1869 Days Ago)

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Grinding FIFA 17 Coins in the Lower Divisions for FIFA 17
Grinding FIFA 17 Coins in the Lower Divisions for FIFA 17
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Something I tried on my second account in FIFA 16 that Nep talked about a few times in his RTG is purposefully staying in a division you are comfortable with and constantly getting promoted then relegated for easy coins.


I got about 30-40k fifa coins per day by playing 3 seasons of div 8 then relegating back down from div 7. However the downside to this is that I want to play in higher divisions too, as its far too easy in the lower divisions to win games.


I originally planned to do this on an alt account and transfer the coins over to my main, but I feel EA will get wise to this after a while and ban me. Unsure whether I want to waste my time grinding just to get banned. Want to know any other opinions on this/ways to avoid a ban.


I think its quite ludicrous that coin transfer is banned by EA and that even if you have earned the coins you still can't transfer them.

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