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04.10.2018 (934 Days Ago)

China valve manufacturer

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Toroidal transformer for lighting
Toroidal transformer for lighting
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Product features:

1. No air-gap and laminated vibration for iron core, resulting in low noise;

2. Low magnetic leakage and high signal-noise ratio;

3. Low iron loss, improving the reliability of equipment operation;

4. High efficiency;

5. Small, lightweight, change of the outer diameter and height in the case of constant cross-sectional area and flexible installation and disassembly.

Specification parameters:

1. Power range: 30VA to1000VA

2. Number of phases: single phase or three-phase

3. Input and output: customer customization

4. Insulation class: UL class B, F, H, N (optional)

5. Isolation: 4KV (Hi-pot)

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