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03.19.2018 (1040 Days Ago)
TitleTexans sign Honey Badger to 1-year, $7M contract

Here you can see Packers tight end Ryan Taylor executing something more akin to the "Lambeau Scale the Wall Like a Person Whose Wholesale Jerseys Biceps Have Atrophied from Years of Disuse" while horribly underqualified sideline staff expends every bit of available energy on trying to push this man beast into the stands.

That's San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis trying the old "Dunk the Football Like It's a Basketball" maneuver and failing terribly. Because this was happening after a touchdown scored by the opposing team, the crowd was cheap jerseys completely silent, so not only could you very clearly hear the metallic thud of ineptitude that followed his sad display of athleticism, you could hear the crowd laugh, too. It doesn't get much more embarrassing than that. Just do it safely especially when the score might not be really important in the grand scheme of things. Take Bill Gramatica, for instance .

3. He was only kicking it from 42 yards pretty standard for kickers in the NFL.

Of course, none of this stopped Gramatica from indulging in an excessive celebration that led to him tearing his ACL.

It's an injury that would probably go down as the most hilarious in history if cheap world cup jerseys it weren't for the Washington Redskins' Gus Frerotte scoring a first half touchdown .and celebrating by giving himself a concussion. For the record, that dimwit played for a lot of years after that, completely dispelling the theory that quarterback is the position requiring the most intelligence on the field.

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